Meeting JURA

“The task of a stone setter requires astonishing dexterity, devotion, precision and patience.”

It is due to his unique skills and vision that JURA can unlock the hidden radiance of gems and bring each stone to life. With limitless passion and the steadiest of hands, the setting for each stone is been prepared, one by one, removing all the unnecessary to enhance the reflection of light within each stone, unlocking its exceptional sparkle and beauty. 


The JURA Revolution

JURA is always driven finding new solutions to take the art of diamond setting to another level. Any problem he had to face, challenged him to invent new solution, new tools, new possibilities to do it better!

Over the years JURA has introduced a true revolution in diamond setting. His vision and creativity led to exquisite diamond setting and inventive tools known for their exceptional quality all over the world.


“ JURA Tools represent functionality, ultimate precision and best possible efficiency . ”


The solution


JURA strives to find simple solutions for complex challenges.

The greatest challenge is to get rid of the parts that are not essential.

He understands the essence of functionality and importance of ergonomics. 

JURA Tools are made by The Greatest, for The Greatest in our field!





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