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JURA opens a new world of innovation and high performance.

The revolutionary techniques of high end micro pavé diamond setting will expand and improve your skills and make your work more efficient! 

JURA Basic Course

5 day Basic course

This course will take place at our workshop in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Monday thru Friday 9:30am - 5pm.

During this course you will learn several kinds of setting techniques and how to use JURA TOOLS, that were designed for Micro Pavé process. You will learn a new way of approaching diamond setting in most efficient way and the logic behind these very fine techniques. 

The cost € 3000,- p.p. (excl VAT) Incl. Lunch & Drinks

One Year long 10% JURA Family Discount on all your JURA Tools on www.juratools.com! (CombiDeals and Complete Bench Setup excluded)  

The Advanced Micro Pavé course offers you;

- Introduction of the tools used for Micro Pavé process
- Working correctly with microscope 
- Improving and making advanced tools, such as DrillsBeading toolsSplittersStone pushers & Shaping of gravers.
- Stones layout Setting of essential shapes of clusters, triangle, Round & rectangle.
- Several setting techniques, such as Bright cut, Castle & Pavé setting.
- Finishing  

After completing the course you'll have all the skills to accomplish most of the all round Pavé setting.    

Max. 7 participants

Language: English, Dutch & Russian



JURA Advanced Course

5 day Advanced course

This 5 day course is to expand the skills up to the world class level of micro-pavé stone setting.

This course is only offered after completing the basic course!

Learning Objectives:
Multi sided setting
French cut (Fishtail cut)
Additional cuts and settings as time allows
Any questions will be answered

This course will take 5 days at our workshop in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Monday thru Friday 9:30am - 5pm.

Lunch and drinks will be provided.

The cost: €5000,- (€4500,- if booked subsequently to the Basic course)

(Prices are Excl. 21% VAT, equipment & stay / We only make reservations after payment in advance!)

10% JURA Family Discount on all your JURA Tools on www.juratools.com for Life (Show Original Certificate)! (CombiDeals and Complete Bench Setup excluded)  

Max. 7 participants

Language: English, Dutch & Russian




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